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Fire pits are a wonderful addition to a patio. They offer that touch of warmth that’s so welcome on cool evenings, create the perfect gathering place for laughing and sharing memories, and even provide a great place to toast marshmallows for those perennially popular s’mores. No one notices soot, grime, or rust in the warmth of the evening fire. However, […]

7 years, 2 months ago Posted in: Blog Comments Off on Top Tips for Decorating Your Patio This Fall Season

  The days of summer parties by the pool are over and the nights of bonfires and scary stories are being ushered in by the cool weather of fall. Just because the weather is getting cooler doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the gorgeous patio you worked so hard to install last spring. So, […]

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A chaise lounge brings a little extra luxury to your patio. The design invites you to lay down and relax but is also appropriate for social gatherings. A chaise wants you to stay and rest awhile. Have you been wondering, “Sling chaises or cushion chaises. Which one and why?” Today we’ll be comparing a cushion chaise with a […]

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Outdoor rooms can be elaborate affairs. Indeed, one project we are showcasing today is an enclosed pool house that boasts two separate outdoor rooms. Still another is a completely enclosed four seasons room. The key is comfort. Just as indoors, outdoor rooms are for spending time relaxing with friends and family or just taking time […]

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When you hear the words Cyclone, Vortex and Typhoon you might be tempted to run for cover, unless, of course, you’re at a waterpark where water slides with such names are the very reason for going. And like so many other amenities that once required travel, homeowners are bringing waterpark thrills into their own backyards. […]

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  Outdoor living increases the value of your home and lifestyle. Whether the space is an open-air deck or an enclosed patio, homeowners must weigh aesthetics, comfort and price when decorating. Form and Function Consider your outdoor space and what you want out of your patio furniture before making a purchase. Every outdoor space is […]

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1. Keep it comfy. Most people think outdoor furnishings have to be hard and impermeable. But there are so many beautiful outdoor products these days that are weatherproof and comfortable, so there’s no reason to sit uncomfortably on metal benches and plastic chairs. Make your patio space as comfortable and inviting as possible. 2. Create […]

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Just like any job that you want done, you have to make sure that the details are in order. From color to material to shape and size, you have to be the one that gives that final “okay” to be able to enjoy what you have just a budgeted amount of money for. Patio paving […]

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When you’re a home owner, you’re constantly looking for ways to raise the value of your home by making improvements all around. One of the ways you can improve your home is by designing your rooms in different ways. Yeah, four walls, one or two windows, one closet, those are the basics. But what about […]

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A patio is something that should be a part of everyone’s home. They provide a great area for social gatherings, and are great additions to someone’s house. Whether you don’t have one, or you are looking to improve your old one, Stone Patios VA, or Virginia Patio Construction, will be able to build a great […]