Epoxy Coating


 Epoxy Coating in  Northern VA, Maryland, and DC.

Epoxy coating is a resin that coats and protects all different types of flooring.  When a residence or a commercial business needs to better protect their flooring due to high traffic of people or even animals, epoxy coatings are the best option. At Northern VA Patios & Construction, our experienced and licensed professionals will come and prepare your current floor, prime it, coat it, and then seal it with the best epoxy available.

Not only will your floor look new but it can also receive a new look with the latest products on the market that can change the pattern, color, and even the glossiness of the surface- whether you are looking to have a dull-matte look up to extremely shiny or anything in-between. Applying an epoxy coating will also save the owner time and money in cleaning/ maintenance and will restore the investment that was made when the floor was initially installed. When restoring the flooring at a commercial business, our main goal is to restore the safety, functionality, and aesthetics of the floors that employees and customers will be looking at and walking on.

Northern VA Patios & Construction have worked with many commercial and industrial buildings throughout the Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland areas, providing our clients with attractive, chemically resistant, and durable new floor surfaces. Epoxy coatings can be added to concrete, steel, tile, stone, wood and more

Call Stone Patios VA & Construction today at (703) 349-4433 and one of our contractors will come to your property for an initial consultation to evaluate the floor and discuss the coating thickness that will be required for your floors’ services and what your goals are from having the epoxy coating added to your floor.

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