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When planning to install brick retaining walls, you will have to choose between a cavity wall and a block core wall. These two walls from the exterior look exactly the same but are created differently on the inside giving those with larger budgets and those with smaller budgets the same look and even durability.


A cavity wall is made completely out of brick. It is twice as thick as a block core wall because it is designed to start as two brick walls that are not but inches apart but share the same foundation with steel sitting between them, also coming from the same foundation. In the middle of the two brick walls, concrete is then poured in around the steel. This option is the most expensive of the two brick retaining wall choices because it requires more labor and more bricks.

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A block core wall is in far more demand than the cavity wall approach these days. This innovative wall is more cost efficient, easier to install, and just as strong as the cavity wall. Its inception came after the CMU (concrete masonry unit) block was introduced to the industry. The block core wall is built out of these concrete and steel mixed blocks. Brick is then laid over the CMU blocks to achieve the same loved design of the cavity wall. This wall is easily installed and does not require a professional to install it which may over time lead to mistakes and accidents. With this wall you can mimic the cavity wall by using whole bricks to completely cover the block core wall. Or if size is an issue half brick and thin brick veneers are available to place over the wall, which can really reduce the price of one’s project.


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