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Having a stone walkway installed is a great way to add curb appeal to your home and can be a great addition to your home’s landscape. At Northern VA Patios & Construction we offer many different options on materials, stone sizes, colors, and shapes for your stone walkways.

First, you should contemplate where you would like to have your stone walkway put in. Do you want your walkway to be wide enough for one person to walk on it at a time or wide enough for two people to walk on it side-by-side? A single file walkway measures at about thirty-six inches and for two people, forty-eight inches. Next you should consider your budget. The cost of a stone walkway depends on the type of stone that you chose the base that will hold the stones and create the walkway, and the labor of your construction team.

 Stone Walkway Design & Contractor in North VA

Now, for choosing your type of walkway: Paver stones give you the flexibility to choose the pattern of how you want the stones to be laid down and what size and color you would like your stones to be. You can choose naturally jagged shaped stone, river rock, flagstone and cobblestone. Whether you choose to build a stone walkway, a flagstone walkway, or a brick walkway, they can all be set dry on sand or placed in mortar. All of your walkway options with Northern VA Patios & Construction will only include the finest quality flagstone, brick, pavers, and concrete that is on the market.

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