Outdoor Lighting


Outdoor Lighting Design and Installation Company North VA

Outdoor lighting is an important design feature as much as it is an intricate part of the functionality of your exterior space. At Northern VA Patios & Construction we only use the finest lighting fixtures, lighting concepts, and lighting placements and positions. We offer many options for outdoor lighting such as: outdoor up lights, down lights, accent lights, step lights, brick lights, underwater lights, back lights, path and spread lights, specialty lights, in-ground lights, well lights, bollard and beacon lights, and more.

Most popular are up lights and down lights, which are either installed in-ground and positioned towards something to be featured or hung above to face down at something being featured.

Lights can be placed inside stone structures to shine through, light pathways and steps, and to create a specific types of atmospheres. Whether you are looking for a relaxing zen-like space or a lively space for entertaining, landscape lighting can help you achieve that look. Our specialty lighting include string lights, flickering lights in torches to look like a flame, and underwater lighting to feature a fountain or waterfall.

The best part of landscape lighting is the option of lighting up your space to enjoy at night and to also provide security to back doors and other areas of your backyard. Unless the lighting fixture itself is a chosen focal point, all lighting is made to look natural and hidden.

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