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Take your landscaping design to the next level by adding a level! A garden retaining wall can allow you to add levels to your garden or landscape. Garden walls can be as much decorative as useful. Garden retaining walls are stylishly designed as permanent fences that border a garden or other exterior landscaped areas on your property.

When planning for a garden retaining wall, you have several choices in what type of fence to build. If you aren’t sure what would look best with your home and existing landscaping then you can request that one of our staffed landscaping designers help you through the design process. A few of your options for garden retaining walls at Northern VA Patios & Construction are natural stone, stone, flagstone, wood, concrete blocks and brick.

Garden retaining walls differ from regular retaining walls because they are not meant to control changes in the ground’s elevation, to correct a slope, or to hold backfill. In some circumstances, garden retaining walls are made for some strength of the garden but their main purpose is to simply be a decorative border used in a landscaping/hardscaping design. In most cases the garden retaining walls will also protect your garden from the effects of various whether conditions.

Most garden walls that are less than six feet (counting the foundation) do not need to obtain a permit but the laws change from city to city. Our contractors will always make sure that your new garden wall is compliant with all zoning requirements in your area and if necessary, all permits will be obtained before construction begins.

Keep your precious plants and garden soil from being swept away by rain and other weather issues by having us come to your home to build your retaining wallCall us at Northern VA Patios & Construction for an attractive garden fence to compliment your existing landscaping today!

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