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Stoop & Stairway Construction Company Northern, VA

Northern VA Patios & Construction provides professional stoop and steps to the Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland areas. A stoop is smaller set of stairs that ends with a platform leading to the entrance of a home or structure. Our staff will review your current structure and determine whether your project needs to be refinished, torn down and built again, or will check the location of your desired stoop and steps. Common household projects that require a stoop and steps are decks and patios or at the end of a walkway.

At Northern VA Patios & Construction you have a wide variety of options when it comes to building your stoop and steps. We can build your project out of natural stone, stone pavers, river rock, and cobblestone, and more.

Flagstone pavers can be used as well to construct your stoop and stairs and they offer several shapes, sizes, and shades. The most requested types of flagstone are Pennsylvania bluestone, travertine, Vermont slate, sandstone, limestone, quartz, Tennessee limestone, and reclaimed granite. The sizes of flagstone come in natural sizes and man-made sizes. Using pavers in general gives you the flexibility of hundreds of patterns for the project to be built in.

VA Design & Construction Contractor for Stoop and Stairways

Brick is another option for building or refurnishing your stoop and steps. Brick comes in many colors, such as: pink, grey, red, and brown and always adds instant charm.

Last, concrete can be used for your small staircase and is the easiest of all construction jobs to build with and maintain and is usually cheaper in price compared to all other options.

Northern VA Patios & Construction can simply resurfaces your stoop and steps as long as your existing structure was made from natural stone, interlocking pavers, flagstone, concrete, or brick.

Call us today to have us come asses your project, go over a timeline to finish the project, and go over pricing details.

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