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Stone Patios VA has been serving the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC area for the past 20 years providing high quality outdoor services. Stone Patios VA specializes in outdoor hardscape including stone patios, pavers patios, flagstone patios, brick patios, and irregular shaped stone patios.  Stone Patios VA will assess your project, provide you with a free estimate and patio design. We construct timeless and durable patios that will last for years to come. Outdoor patios provide a comfortable sitting area and can easily transform a boring outdoor space to a spacious outdoor family getaway.  A brick patio provides a durable solution while a flagstone patio allows for a sophisticated look. We also offer travertine patios.

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Hardscape Design Service for Backyards USAOutdoors walls will make any yard come together. Outdoor hardscape can completely transform any outdoor space. Outdoor walls can be built around an outdoor patio or walkway, even a driveway. We can build stone columns for lighting along your driveway. Hardscape construction builds stone walls, natural stone walls, flagstone walls, retaining walls, brick walls, dry stacked walls, free standing walls, and stone block walls. We also do block and stone retaining walls, brick retaining walls, garden retaining walls, landscape walls, and wall systems.

An outdoor kitchen is the perfect touch for any outdoor space or pavers patio followed by a fire pit. An outdoor kitchen can be the focal point of outdoor landscaping. Stone Patios VA will design and construct the perfect outdoor space for you and your family. Many of our clients choose to include outdoor grills and cooktops. Fire pits allow for an intimate setting. We can construct stone fire pits, brick fire pits, and flagstone fire pits. We can even cover a fire pit with marble stone covering.  Outdoor fireplaces are another popular item people are having built in their outdoor spaces. Outdoor fireplaces can be constructed using various materials. We built outdoor stone fireplaces, outdoor flagstone fireplaces, and outdoor brick fireplaces. Outdoor lighting can be the perfect touch for any outdoor project. We have various options of outdoor lighting. We offer outdoor up lights, outdoor down lights, outdoor step lights, outdoor in-ground lights, and outdoor backlights.

Stone Patios VA specializes in outdoor walkway construction.  An outdoor walkway can easily transform a boring front yard into a welcoming entrance. Hardscape Design specializes in walkway design. We work with our clients to develop walkway designs that fit all of your needs. We specialize in stone walkways, flagstone walkways, brick walkways, concrete walkways. We can even do a stamped concrete walkway. You have various choices for stone walkways. You can choose to a regular stone shaped stone walkway or an irregular stone shaped walkway.  Stone Patios VA specialize in interlocking paver walkways. We also will build the perfect stoop and steps to go along with your new walkway or driveway.  We do flagstone stoop and steps, brick stoop and steps, concrete stoop and steps, stone stoop and steps.Nice Reston Virginia Stone Patio Job and Hardscape

Stone Patios VA also specializes in outdoor driveways. We have been constructing durable and high quality driveways for the past 20 years in the Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland area. We provide driveway designs. We construct paver driveways, interlocking paver driveways, brick driveways, asphalt driveways, and concrete driveways. A paver driveway will create a sophisticated look for your yard. A concrete or asphalt driveway are the most common and durable types of driveways we offer.

Stone Patios VA has been building outdoor pools for the past 20 years in the Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland area. We specialize in constructing underground pools. We participate with the homeowner very closely in developing a pool design. We take everything into consideration including for not limited to pool zoning, pool permits, pool plumbing, and drainage. Outdoor pools are a timeless investment for any homeowner.  Pool decks can be constructed from various materials including but not limited to flagstone pool decks, natural stone pool decks, marble pool decks, concrete pool decks, and stamped concrete pool decks. A stamped concrete pool deck is generally the most popular option. A flagstone pool deck provides a durable surface. Stone Patios VA can help transform any boring yard into a private getaway.

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