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Patios make up a large part of your home’s curb appeal. More importantly your patio is the entrance to your home and can make all the difference in the world to your experience of your home. A well planned and constructed patio can transform your home and give it that “Wow Factor” that you are looking to achieve. Most importantly it’s one of the lowest cost renovations or additions that you can make to your home with the quickest build out time.

This page is divided into our four most popular categories from our premier products to our most efficient…we go on to give a brief cost benefit analysis of each patio material:

  • Stone Patio Construction
    • Imported Stone Patios
    • Domestic Stone Patios
  • Stamped Concrete Patio Construction
    • Stamped Concrete Comes in Many Patterns Shapes & Sizes
  • Patios Built Out of Pavers
    • Pavers come in a huge variety of patterns
  • Brick Patios
    • Brick is the traditional Patio Material and has not lost its appearance

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Stone Patio Construction

Even though stone is usually the most expensive way to go when building out a patio it still remains our most popular material used. Stone wears beautifully and whereas it is can be very expensive there are some cheaper alternatives.Our imported stones range from Turkish Imported Stone to Italian Stones. Most stone will come in precut panels that are designed to be pieced together for certain sizes. Of course we customize the different patterns to fit your space and will work with you to make the best pattern for your space. We will also suggest different materials with which you can outline your new stone patio. You will find that almost every stone patio that you see has some sort of material that is used as a border…this gives strength and aesthetic value to the patio construction.The bottom line is that we should come out to inspect your property. To expedite the process please take measurements and fill out our 
FREE estimate request form.

Traditional Brick Patio Construction

Depending on the look of your home and what you are trying to achieve with your patio renovation Brick is the answer for many of our clients. Brick patios are fairly inexpensive to create even for the large surfaces and depending on the treatment you go with they can last just as long as the hardest stone or concrete patio.A well designed and constructed brick patio will give you many years of maintenance free beauty.

Brick Pavers set on a sand base is an option, more people opt for the classic look of brick and mortar set on a concrete base. The concrete base gives you a rigid, durable patio that is as easy on the the feet as it is on the eyes.

If you need help deciding what type of brick patio you need please allow us to come to your home and we can give you ideas based on your actual space. Click here to get the process started or feel free to give us a call.

Concrete Pavers – A Brick Substitute

Concrete Pavers come in a huge variety of colors and shapes. They can be set over an existing concrete patio using a thin bed of sand or on a newly constructed base made from crusher run. A huge advantage of pavers is their flexibility. Because no mortar is used, there are thousands of expansion joints throughout your project which means there is no chance of cracking during winter or summer’s extreme temperatures. Future changes can be made with no visible signs of disruptions. Your new concrete paver patio will give you a lifetime of pleasure.

Stamped Concrete

When doing your cost benefit analysis you have to look at the total cost of your project. We recommend Stamped Concrete to people who are building out larger patios or are going for a specific look that would cost too much to achieve any other way.

The texture and looks achieve are amazingly realistic, as we use stamps that were molded from the real stones or bricks that we are duplicating.

Dying the stamped concrete to meet your color desires is another huge benefit to people looking to achieve special effects with their patios. There is an art to coloring or dying stamped concrete and we are experts at this. Dyes are added throughout the concrete to arrice at the desired color and natural shading effects are created with pigmented mold release agents and sealers.


Aegean Spice Antique Walnut Asian Bluestone Autumn Field
Birch Rum Black Slate Blue Ridge Flagstone Bluestone
Canyon View Cherry Log Flagstone Copper Bay Copper Bay Flagstone
Desert Gold Dove Gray Flagstone Gardenpath Stepping Stones Harbor Fog
Heather Gray Flagstone Highland Rose Laurel Cabin Flagstone Mocha
Mounyain Valley Mystic River Oak Valley Pinnacle Bluestone
Pinnacle Variegated Bluestone River Pass Pattern Rustic Buff Silver Brown Flagstone
Silver Lake Steel Gray Tennessee Blue/Gray Tumbled Bluestone
Tuscan Sunset Variegated Bluestone Variegated Tennessee Vulcano Stone
Westmoreland Slate