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Luxury Pool Northern VA Fairfax County - Remodeling Example

Luxury Pool Northern VA Fairfax County – Remodeling Example

New Pool Contractors in Northern Va to Build, Rebuild, Open or Resurface

Initial Consultation: Northern VA Patios & Construction specializes in the installation of dream pools engineered to match the expectations of each client and their vision. A well-designed pool starts with good communication between the client and their contractor.  We take the time to hold an initial consultation to establish the expectations of the client and discuss design options as well as the project budget. We consider more than just the size, shape, and the location of the pool but also go into specific details like the tone and color of the stone and coping, the stacked tile, the waterline tile, and the concrete surrounding the pool. We will go over any additions that you have envisioned for your pool such as hot spas, waterfalls, or even creating a vanishing edge to your pool. Your personal style is important to us and should be reflected in the design and creation of the pool. If you are not sure where to start, our experienced staff can guide you through different styles such as choosing a classic Mediterranean look with clean lines, a tropical getaway, a sophisticated contemporary look, or even a nature-inspired space and we will also discuss what would be most suitable for your space and layout. We take pride in using all up-to-date products and design techniques to build your pool while enhancing the overall aesthetics of your property.

Site Plan Preview: A Northern VA Patios & Construction representative will contact the Ordinance Administration Branch and verify that your pool will comply with the requirements of the Zoning Code in your area. We will work with you to ensure that your pool construction can move forward with ease. Clients will need an official plat plan of their property to identify the legal boundaries of their property and clients should also check with their home owner association for any forms that may be necessary in order to proceed with construction.

Grading Plan: A Northern VA Patios & Construction geo-tech engineer will then create a grading plan of your property which is necessary in order to obtain all necessary construction permits. This grading plan will show a drawing of your property, specifically the construction site and will also show the design of the project. Once the grading plan is created we will then submit the plan to the site division of your local permit office. This process on average takes about 3-4 weeks to be completed. Once the site permit is issued we will be able to apply for all of the necessary construction permits such as building permits, electrical permits, plumbing permits, and gas permits.

Site Preparation: After all of the necessary construction permits are obtained, Northern VA Patios & Construction can start to prepare the construction site for work. This will include checking for public utilities, capping off any and all existing irrigation systems, moving any existing landscaping as needed, and positioning slit fencing around the construction area. Next, a Northern VA Patios & Construction representative will schedule a meeting with a representative from your local permit office to have them inspect the construction site and authorize the site to be officially ready for grading, excavation and for construction to begin.

Pre-grade Preparation: Before beginning the grading process the Northern VA Patios & Construction crew will remove and haul away any existing vegetation or hardscape as needed. This will provide a flat and empty surface for the pool layout. The client should consider whether or not they want to keep any of the dirt that is dug up from the site. If so, the client will need to instruct the Northern VA Patios & Construction crew on how much dirt should be saved and where the dirt should be placed, this must be decided before the excavation happens.

Pool Layout Placement: Once there is a clean layout the Northern VA Patios & Construction crew will spray paint the outline of the pool on the ground according to the construction plans. The excavation comes next but only after the client approves of the pool layout as marked on the ground. This is the last stage in the process in which the client can make changes to the placement of the swimming pool.

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Pool Excavation: After receiving the client’s approval for the placement outline of the pool, the Northern VA Patios & Construction crew will begin the excavation or digging up the hole for the pool. The hole itself will be six inches larger than the measurements of the pool in all areas of the pool. Next, the crew will apply forming material that will be adhered to the outer edges of the pool. This process of adding forming material will enable your bond beam dimensions to measure 10” x 12.” It is important to be aware that some locations in your area may be extremely rocky or experience hard soil conditions. Your pool construction price is generally based on a standard dig; you can talk to the Northern VA Patios & Construction crew for more information on unforeseen costs associated with the dig. The process of digging up a hole for the pool ranges depending on environmental factors and the physical features of the pool design. For instance the size and shape of your pool could be a factor as could the soil conditions. The Northern VA Patios & Construction crew will continuously keep you up to date with their progress and timeline. The average classic swimming pool can be dug up in about 1-2 days.

Plumbing, Equipment & Electric Wiring Setup: Once the hole for the swimming pool is dug up, a Northern VA Patios & Construction plumber and electrician will start to add the pipes, tubes and dig channels that will be necessary to control your pool. Schedule 40 PVC that is non-corrosive with schedule 40 fittings will be used for the pool’s entire plumbing system. Instillation of a vacuum breaker will also be placed at the water source.  At this time the installation will take place for the suction and return lines, vacuum cleaner lines, water-feature lines, fill lines, solar inlet and returns, an electrical service line along with gas lines for the swimming pool heater, if applicable. These gas lines can also be used for other things like barbecues. The electrical wiring will extend from the electrical panel of the home to the pool equipment. After that, the electrical wiring will be also carried to the lighting in the pool. Electrical wiring and all grounding can often exceed the National Electric Code standards. Because of that risk, ground fault interrupter devices will be installed for protection against electrical fault.

At this point a Northern VA Patios & Construction representative will arrange for a structural and electrical inspection of the site from your local building permit office.


Pool Steel Structure Setup: A Northern VA Patios & Construction structural engineer will apply a 3/8” or 1/2” diameter of steel armored rebar which will be placed throughout the pool in the ideal shape and structure for the body of the pool. Rebars will be fitted on the bottom and the sides of the pool and into the bond beam. Our crew will use concrete spacers so that the steel rebars are never against the wall or the floor of the pool. The process of tying in the steel usually takes about 1 day to finish, of course that all depends on the size and shape of your pool.

Pool Guniting: Next is Guniting which consists of spraying a dry concrete mixture over the rebar. Doing this ensures that the gunite is distributed throughout the pool area evenly underneath and on top of the steel. At this point your pool will start to take its shape, with the cement creating the shell of the pool and for the first time you will start to see what your pool is going to look like. Now, something called water curing must take place for about 1 week. Water curing the shell of the pool, or the gunite is very important and is done by hosing the pool with water 2-4 times a day. This will prolong the final curing of the gunite and will reduce shrinkage cracks in the cement shell of the pool.

Pool Tile & Additional Pool Features: The waterline tile and any additional features to your pool such as boulders and waterfalls will be put in at this point, after the gunite is in place. A single row of 6 x 6 inch tiles will be placed all around the entire pool perimeter and anywhere else indicated on the construction plan. For instance, tiles may be added to any raise walls or other water features in the pool. The waterline tile is an important step because it offers a smooth surface that is easy to clean where water line build up happens frequently. Additionally, smaller tiles are also added to the steps and benches in the pool for safety reasons. Those tiles help people using the pool to find and determine the depth of the pool in those areas.

Pool Decking: Now that the tile has been installed, the next phase is to add the deck which surrounds the pool. The design drawing should be reviewed by the client at this point to make sure that there are not any alterations desired before construction of the deck commences. There are many options for decking, you can choose pavers, tile, concrete, stone, brick, trek, and many other types of material. Concrete is the most common choice because of its durability and price. The coping for the decking will overlap into the pool by 1 ½” to 3 ½”. For concrete decking surrounding the pool should be 4” at least in thickness. All of the stone options will range in thickness. To increase the longevity of concrete decking, expansion joints are placed for every ten feet of concrete. This will help control future cracking in the concrete.

Construction Site Clean-Up: Prior to plastering the pool as a final step in coating your pool, the site needs to be cleaned up first. From the driveway to the entire construction area, all debris will be picked up. The pool will also be cleaned inside and around the surrounding areas, any holes in the ground will be filled, and tire tracks will also be filled and/or leveled.

Pool Safety Barriers: Safety barriers to protect children are mandatory. The client will choose between several options like Wood fencing, a chain link fence, or iron. The barrier will be inserted at this time, before finishing the pool.

Pool Plastering: The last step in finishing your pool is to apply the plaster interior finish which will be put on in two coats and then hand troweled to a waterproof surface that will also be a non-slip surface. After the plaster is completely set and finished, the Northern VA Patios & Construction crew will fill the pool with water and will require a hose to do this. The ideal amount of water in your pool will be the halfway mark on the waterline tiles.

Pool Automation: Northern VA Patios & Construction can set up an automatic control system for your pool. This will allow you to control and program your pool lighting, your pool heating, and even the pool cover. You will even be able to control it from a remote or your iPhone or iPad. Security cameras are a feature that we also offer to our client’s with your automation package.

Pool Start-Up: Once your pool is full of water a Northern VA Patios & Construction pool start-up professional will start and program your pool equipment. The crew will finish any cleaning necessary at this time and the start-up professional will install the pool’s cleaning system. One hour later the pool is finished and the Northern VA Patios & Construction crew will meet with the client to give instructions and maintenance demonstrations on how to manage their new swimming pool!

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