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Structured retaining walls are intricately designed walls for challenging landscapes. They are mostly used to build up a hill to create a level ground to expand on. Structured retaining walls  are also used when there is a greater need for stability. If the construction area on your property has uneven terrain and/or if the project has been engineered to reach over thirty feet in the air, Structured retaining walls would be ideal.

Structured retaining walls are perhaps one of the most important retaining walls because they are used to support heavy structures up above it. Choosing the right material is important and we will be there to go over the details of your project and advice you on what to use for your retaining wall. Structured retaining walls can be made out of poured concrete, cut stone, precast blocks, and natural stone. You can also buy retaining walls in various shapes, colors, sizes and textures.

Gravity Retaining Wall Development Company VA, MD, D.C.

A structural retaining wall reaching up four feet or higher requires that a professional designs the structure of the wall and puts it together. At Northern VA Patios & Construction our contractors are licensed experts on building retaining walls and will work closely with the client and continue to update the progress of their project regularly.

  • After deciding to build a retaining wall for a large construction project, the first step is to draw up plans and apply for any permits and follow the zoning codes for your area.
  • Next there will be a date set aside for transporting the construction equipment over to the property.
  • After the permit comes it must stay at the site where it will be posted someplace visible.
  • Then the base and the rest of the wall can start to be constructed.

We provide structural retaining walls to many areas including Northern Loudoun County, Arlington, Fairfax, Ashburn, Reston, Great Falls and Oakton.

Please call us at (703) 349-4433 Northern VA Patios & Construction for any further information on Structured retaining walls for your property.


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