Resurfacing Contractors In Fairfax, Virginia and Maryland

Northern VA Patios & Construction specializes in floor resurfacing and polishing. Do you have a cement floor, concrete floor, driveway, garage or patio floor that has seen better days? Our flooring experts have been restoring life in to old floor surfaces for over 25 years in the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. areas.

If you are thinking about polishing or resurfacing one of your floors, read below for everything you need to know straight from the experts!

Diagnosis | Preparation |What to Expect

  • One of our expert contractors will come examine your floor and determine whether it is in need of more than just resurfacing, if it needs any major repairs. If your floor does need to be resurfaced or polished then the floor will have to be cleaned.
  • Our contractor will need the floor to be fully cleaned and will advise you what to clean your floor with in order to prepare it for our services.
  • Any cracks in your cement or concrete floor will be expertly repaired and restored along with the rest of the floor and other small discrepancies.
  • When working with concrete flooring, a layer will have to be filed to produce a rough surface that will prepare the floor for the resurfacing coat. Next, the contractor can begin the resurfacing or polishing steps.

Effects | Design Options

  • When polishing, resurfacing, and using any other sealing systems the results can be controlled. You can control the color, reflectivity of the floor, texture, and patterns. Our expert contractor will go over your options with you so that you receive ideal results.

Upkeep | Benefits

Taking care of your newly polished floor is very easy. Occasional dusting and cleaning with a wet mop (only using cleaning products occasionally). This minimal cleaning bill will save you money and protect your investment.

Contractor Costs

As we renew your floor back to the way it started or even better, we will discuss your options regarding what products we should use to best achieve the result you are looking for within your budget. Sometimes we can stay within your budget just by simply using a different product. Knowing your budget ahead of time allows us to find a way to get the best result within your financial bracket.

Call us today for any further questions on how we can restore your floors back to beautiful today!

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