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Brick Patio Project North VA

Brick Patio Project North VA

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Choosing Classic Brick Patios

Whether you plan to enjoy the brick patio for yourself and your family or if you are simply installing the brick patio to increase the aesthetics and value of your home for potential buyers, you can’t go wrong. Brick has proven to be more durable, cost efficient, and a superior choice among designers and landscapers alike because of its timeless elegance. Exterior designers often choose brick because it can be laid in so many different patterns and bricks come in several different styles and colors. Every patio design that Northern VA Patios & Construction create is done with the up-most professional care and is tailored to the needs of the client. We offer beautiful patio installations to Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C.

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What factors into a brick patio cost?

Adding the elegant charm of brick to your patio, landscaping trim, walkways or even your driveway can greatly add to the appeal of your home. Installation ranges in cost depending on several different factors such as: the size of the project, the type of brick that you select, the current condition of the space, the location, potential required permits, possible restoration to the landscape, and equipment needed. Set up a free consult to view and discuss your property and your patio ideas.

Update or Repair Your Brick Patio

When it comes to maintaining the life of your patio or having to repair it, brick is one of the most inexpensive patio choices. Fortunately for patio brick owners, repair is usually very simple even when it seems like your patio or an area of your outdoor patio is too far gone. Many people hesitate looking into repairs because it looks too expensive but in most cases the existing brick and the base underneath it can be re-used which can save thousands of dollars. Our experienced contractors at Northern VA Patios & Construction have years of experience in brick patio installation and stay abreast on the latest techniques in the industry ensuring the durability of their work.


Brick Patio Example Fairfax VA patio contractorOutdoor Brick Patio Design

Second to the color and appearance of using brick, the layout and design is often what people become intrigued by. After installing thousands of patios the Northern VA Patios & Construction crew are also artists in their own right. During our initial consult with our clients, we get a sense of what type of patio they want as far as color, design, shape, size, and what the patio will be used for. We are prepared to create patios of all shapes and sizes whether it is a small space or a patio that spans the width of your home. The design of the bricks can be fanned out, the can be placed in at random giving a more country feel to the look, the brick can be place in circle patterns or square. The brick pattern can make your entire backyard look more formal while the brick pattern can give off a more relaxed feel and look to it. Also depending on your style we can choose from several types of pavers which can take a uniform look with straight, clean lines to a textured and historical look.


Brick Patio Example North Virginia

Brick Patio Example North Virginia

Brick Pavers vs. Stamped Concrete

Brick Pavers and stamped concrete are pretty similar in price but one stands to be much more desirable. Brick pavers are crack resistant, they look better and are much more durable than concrete. Stamped concrete is superior when compared to regular concrete but both will still crack after time. Brick pavers won’t. Brick pavers are clearly a more superior choice.

Sealants for Brick Paver

Sealing your brick patio is encouraged but is not necessary. Sealants will darken your bricks, giving them a new or wet appearance. Sealants that leave a flat finish are available. Fortunately the sealant not only enhances the color but also protects against stain.

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Example of a brick patio in Northern Virginia