Sling Chaises or Cushion Chaises. Which One Is Right For You and Why?
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A chaise lounge brings a little extra luxury to your patio. The design invites you to lay down and relax but is also appropriate for social gatherings. A chaise wants you to stay and rest awhile. Have you been wondering, “Sling chaises or cushion chaises. Which one and why?” Today we’ll be comparing a cushion chaise with a sling chaise and we’ll see which will work best in your outdoor space and why.

Traditionally, the chaise was called a “chaise longue,” which from French translates to “long chair.” These types of chairs have been popular since ancient times. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans all enjoyed using them. According to, in the 19th century Americans changed the word from “longue’ to “lounge” to refer to the reclining lounge chair that we see today.

A chaise in any form is a welcome addition to a patio. A sling chaise is mildew and mold resistant and is a good, comfortable option for hot and cold weather. The sling design allows air to flow around your body and keep you cool while you’re enjoying your outdoor space. The sling shape also contours to the human body to give you that comfortable feeling of being cradled. A sling chaise is a great option if you want to avoid hot cushions and the possibility of mildew in rainy weather.

If excessive heat and rain is not an issue on your patio, consider the cushion chaise. Equally if not more comfortable, you can easily doze off on this chaise lounge. A cushioned chaise can bring a splash of sensory delight to your patio if you choose colorful cushions that complement your space. With a cushioned chaise you are not lying directly on taut fabric, there is extra padding between you and the chaise for comfort. Add a blanket to your cushion chaise and it turns into a night-time retreat under the stars.

Depending on the weather in your area, the placement of your patio and your desires for it, a sling or cushion chaise will bring a sense of elegance and completeness to your outdoor space.