Swimming Pool Slides: Bringing Waterpark Thrills Home
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When you hear the words Cyclone, Vortex and Typhoon you might be tempted to run for cover, unless, of course, you’re at a waterpark where water slides with such names are the very reason for going.

And like so many other amenities that once required travel, homeowners are bringing waterpark thrills into their own backyards. There are several companies who’s frightening-sounding water slides offer just such home excitement: e.g., S.R. Smith (Cyclone, Turbo Twister, Typhoon etc.), Aquaslide (Jungle Joe and Jungle Joe II).

Of course, you can have a slide, on its own, well-secured to your pool without any special landscaping. Or you can have a landscaping firm design/build a special setting around the slide you choose.

Slide’s Side Benefit:

No matter if the scope of the project is big or small, after its installed, clients discover something often unanticipated. When not in use by thrill-seekers, the calming sounds of water spilling from the slide into their pool transforms their Cyclone, Typhoon, Wild Ride etc. into a gentle water feature.

Serpentine Slide:

Talk about thrills! It’s called for installing a large serpentine slide around a huge moss rock water feature.



Natural Retaining Walls:

When planning out this project, we suggested using Rocka steps, moss rock boulders, and creeping plant material instead of the usual retaining wall. This more natural setting provided the sloping landscape required for a fun pool slide.


BYOS Slide:

This slide is not one of ours. It was custom built by BYOS for Pulliam Pools in Texas. It’s a great example of perfectly fitting a custom-slide into a beautiful landscape plan.



So readers: You learned it here first. Water slides aren’t just for thrills. On any given day, they can also help you relax. Contact Stone Patios for all your Pool and Patio needs!