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What Furniture Holds Up Best on a Patio?
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The patio outside of a home is generally one of the first places you want to be once the spring weather gets warm enough. Spending your days relaxing, reading and just unwinding can be one of your biggest goals for the summer months. If you are like many property owners, though, you find yourself frustrated with the process of cleaning furniture and keeping items looking good year after year. It can be troublesome to have to invest in new furniture so often especially when the pieces are items you really do enjoy. Instead of doing this, think about which types of furniture are best for your unique needs and still can handle a few years of regular use.

Wicker Works Well

Wicker is a natural product. As a result, it works very well outdoors. If you purchase high quality wicker furniture, made by experienced professionals rather than mass produced, this type of product can handle many years of use without damage. The maintenance it needs is minimal, though you may need to apply protective coatings to minimize the wear and tear you have on it. It is a bit more costly than purchasing other products, but it tends to  pay for itself in the long term.

Plastic Is an Option

If you are looking for furniture that lasts and is inexpensive, plastic seating works well. You can find a wide range of options to choose from, but plan to put some time into it year after year. You will need to clean it before you can use it. If you do not mind this part of the process, then it may be a good option for an inexpensive way to add seating to your yard and patio area.

Built-In Solutions

What if you just want some seating and a few areas to relax without the actual struggle to store your furniture each year? Why not consider the value of adding built-in furniture to your home’s patio. You can create stone benches that match the stone patio. You can even have wooden benches built into the design. Make it more meaningful by adding flagstone or marble, whatever materials you enjoy the most. Built in options do not require a lot of work and, because of the way they are built, they can last for years to come.

Invest in Nature and Hardy Materials

From wood to glass, you will find that the best, longest lasting materials are those found in nature or made of durable substances. For example, the investment in wood furniture may require some level of staining and moisture protection each year. You may also appreciate the benefit of adding wrought iron furniture to your patio. This will not wear and tear and can be an elegant investment.

Furniture should be a statement and it should meet your specific goals. Choose items that you enjoy and then take the steps necessary to protect those items year after year through proper storage. You’ll appreciate the look long term.