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8 years, 3 months ago Posted in: Blog Comments Off on Reasons to Use Concrete for Your Hardscape

Once a home is purchased, the itch to want more begins once you are comfortable with your surroundings. Many things can be added either above the surface of the ground, like a closed patio, or inside the ground itself, like a nice round swimming pool. Many ideas from an outdoor kitchen, to an intimate fire […]

8 years, 7 months ago Posted in: Renovation in VA Comments Off on What Furniture Holds Up Best on a Patio?

The patio outside of a home is generally one of the first places you want to be once the spring weather gets warm enough. Spending your days relaxing, reading and just unwinding can be one of your biggest goals for the summer months. If you are like many property owners, though, you find yourself frustrated […]

8 years, 11 months ago Posted in: Renovation in VA Comments Off on Best Materials to Build a Patio

  There are many factors that must be contemplated when one decides to start new construction of a patio. When choosing materials, there are many different categories that a customer can choose from including, stone, brick, pavers, or concrete. Each material has its own distinct appearance and can be combined to create a patio to […]