What are the Most Popular Types of Stone in Patios?
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When it comes to designing a patio, the variety of materials to choose from is endless. There are combinations of shapes, colors, sizes, styles, and most of all, materials. The most poplar is stone. It looks the most natural and beautiful when the finished product is revealed. Even when condensing your decision to stone, opening that door gives you more options than ever.


Natural Stone

Nothing beats the natural look of a stone patio. If you are going for the natural look, here are some of the best ones to choose from:

  • Flagstone- most popular because of the rich colors, high durability, and a natural variation with earthy tones
  • Bluestone- natural and organic looking, darker blues and grays, harder for moss and mildew to grow, so it is easier to clean
  • Limestone- plainer and simpler, elegant and aesthetic, great for pools, adds value to property
  • Cobblestone- a more rustic and ancient look, but very stylish


Paving Stone Manufacturers

Stone Manufacturers are responsible for creating the stone and selling it in bundles to popular installation companies like Arlington Patio Installation.

  • Belgard- offers a variety of natural stone that can fit into any patio, and can be used for walls, pavers, and
  • Cambridge- all systems have Armor Tec, walls are specialized to surround garden areas, and special stone for outdoor material objects like fireplaces
  • Techno-Bloc- best known for concrete and precious stone patio manufacturing, builds material to blend in naturally with the environment
  • Nicolock- partner with contractors like Arlington Patio Installation, build stone that has a long lasting impact, and protective surfaces


Alternatives to Stone

Stone is an attractive option for a patio, but it is not for everyone. Fortunately, there are common alternatives to stone that are just as promising.

  • Brick- brick is a popular choice other than stone, particular red or brown brick
  • Metal or Steel- metal or steel tiles can sometimes look like stone, but are less natural looking and less durable against weather
  • Cement/Concrete- cement or concrete can be white, or dyed a different color and can be a more solid option than a stone design


Stone Patios Complementary

Having a stone patio enhances your exterior design completely. However, if you are interested in adding some other features other than just a patio, here are some things that can compliment a stone patio:

  • Garden- gardens are beautiful anywhere, but adding them to a stone patio can make your area look tropical.
  • Fountain- a fountain or small body of water can compliment your stone patio and make it look like a vacation in your backyard
  • Furniture- wooden or steel furniture compliments stone patios best, and makes your home appear more lively
  • Rocks- adding rocks to rocks may seem tedious, but it gives your exterior a more sophisticated look


Choosing a patio comes with a long list of other decisions to make. Stone is a common choice, and one with great results. Choosing the best style, color, shape, and manufacturer is all in your hands. If you are looking for stone patio installation in VA, there are contracting companies, like Arlington Patio Installation, that are have partnered with manufacturers and can give you insight on the best quality stone for your patio. Get ready to design your new stone patio with all of these options and more.