Room Addition Tips
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Purchasing a modular home has become even more popular with better building options, greater availability and competitive prices. As a smarter home option that may be more economical in the long run, you may eventually want to add more space and create a bigger empire within your domain.

Creating this bigger space should be done wisely and efficiently, fitting your budget and lifestyle enough to make sure you live for your investment, making it work for you, not vice versa.

Here, we will share some important tips for adding a room addition to your modular home.

  1. Research time! Make sure you do research regarding the company that you choose. From their customer service, quality of work, and warranties are in order with that is needed in your area. More northern states require a good enough structural addition to withstand snow and flooding, while southern states tend to focus more on heavy storm and hurricane type of weather. Assure yourself that their warranty will cover these types of damages.
  2. Make sure what codes apply for the city, county, and state. Being up to code will not only save you time, but headaches in needing to available for inspectors to come and investigate if your room will be legal. Also consult with an electrician, air conditioning technician, and/ or a plumber to make sure your current home utilities can handle the addition. Rewiring and plumbing additions may cost more depending on what you want the extra room for. Air conditioning and electricity will more than likely be your two most used utilities.
  3. Cost Effective. Make sure that the company that you choose is one that will give you the best quality work and materials without breaking your wallet. When adding a room addition to your modular home, the building takes place on top of the land, not in it, so modular additions are usually more cost efficient than if you were doing it on a normal house. With this being laid and built with good material that will stand the test of time.
  4. Material world. As we mentioned above, pointing out the detail of weather striking your room addition is not something that is avoidable. Corrosion, fading, cracking, all of these are factors with the materials used toward building your addition. While the best usually is expensive, it is necessary for a long lasting experience.

Creating extra living space for yourself and your family can be a costly task. Even hiring a company can be a bit of a hassle, if they do not know what they are doing. You do not want to have to dive into your warranty book to see what is covered because of a defect.

At Stone Patios VA, we strive for the best quality work for your home additions. Let us handle the work load to give you that extra piece of mind. Our quality work has been the Virginia, D.C., Metropolitan, and Maryland areas for over 25 years. Let us develop your design!