Most Durable Stone Choices for Your Patio Design
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When you are considering having a patio installation in VA, you may be wondering what type of stone is best and most durable. There are several different types to choose from. However, there are some things you should keep in consideration while trying to decide on what type to go with. One thing to consider is how often you are going to be using the patio, as well as that the use will be mainly for, the style of your home, and your budget.


Concrete Slab


A poured Concrete patio is not only the least expensive way to go, but it is also versatile. Since a concrete patio is poured, it can take on any shape or form. This makes for an unlimited number of possible patio designs. Concrete patio installation in VA looks great against a modern exterior. Concrete is very durable, however, it is prone to cracking during the freeze and thaw process. It is rather easy to fix a crack if it occurs. Concrete also helps prevent weed growth through the patio as other stone might not.


Clay Brick


This stone is commonly used in patio installation VA. It is also a time tested product. Clay brick is very durable and just as versatile as concrete. The possibilities that clay brick offers for design has a wide range anywhere from circle, rectangle, and even curved. Clay brick holds their color very well and is sturdy. Although like concrete this brick can crack during the freeze thaw cycle it is otherwise very durable. The upside to having a cracked clay brick is they can be replaced individually instead of repairing the entire surface. Clay brick is normally a reclaimed material. However it is increasingly more popular due to this fact. More and more people are choosing this option to promote green living. It also provides a unique look due to the design can be personally created.




Although flagstone is not as durable as clay or concrete it is still a great option. A flagstone patio is a great addition to any traditional style home. It can come in several different colors, sizes, and styles. Some of the flagstone options that may be available to you are, limestone, sandstone, Pennsylvania Bluestone, and even Vermont slate. Your patio installation company will be able to help you pick out the one best fitted for the look you are wanting to achieve.With proper drainage of storm water flagstone is rather durable. However, consider talking to you hardscape VA installer to see if flagstone is the right option for your new patio.


When it comes to trying to decide on what type of new stone patio you should build take your budget are area into consideration. Any of these options would be a great new addition to your outdoor area. They all offer great footing for different outdoor activities and are easily maintained. Contact your local Virginia patio installation company to discuss the best options for you.