Tips For Taking Care of Your Stone Deck
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Keeping your stone deck in good shape is important for making it last longer. In order to better approach your deck, here are some tips for taking care of your stone deck.

Clear It of Debris

Before washing your stone deck, make sure to sweep. Sweeping allows you to remove all the dirt, leaves, and twigs before really scrubbing. This will prevent you from having to remove chunks of filth later.

Once you have swept, make sure all plants and bushes are out of the way. Falling leaves or flowers will get onto the surface and create a pain to clean up. Prevent a mess from happening by simply removing plants and flowers before mopping.

Clear It of Furniture

It’s also important to remove any patio furniture that is in the way. Cleaning under the spots where chairs and tables have been sitting is a good idea to keep your stone looking in good shape. Take the time to move all obstacles out of the way.

Remember to pick it up to move it instead of dragging. Dragging your furniture can damage the stone.

Scrubbing the Stone

When washing your stone deck, it’s important not to be too harsh. A power washer can cause damage to the grout in-between the stone. Avoid damage to your deck by hand washing instead of a power washer.

Hand washing also allows you to spot any issues with the stone. Getting a closer look can help spot problems and prevent larger problems from progressing. Hand washing is a better way of analyzing your deck.

Certain acid based soaps or washes can also potentially damage your stone. Make sure you read the label of whatever chemical you’re using to make sure it is safe to use. You can simply use soap to get all the dirt and dust off without risking any damage.

When scrubbing, add a little vinegar. This is an easy way to get rid of pesky weeds without being chemically dangerous to you or animals. You can always come back later after you have washed your deck and spray with vinegar as well.

Dry Up Excessive Water

After you have scrubbed your deck, make sure to spray off thoroughly. Check for standing water because this can also cause damage to the grout. Put your plants and patio furniture back where you want them.

After a heavy rain, check to make sure there is no standing water. Make sure your gutters aren’t leaking onto the stone. Constant exposure to water can cause issues to your stone deck.

Another important tip for taking care of your stone deck is to check your mats. Often times, they can keep moisture in, which is damaging to the stone. Have a proper outdoor mat that won’t lock in moisture.

Look for Scratches

If you’ve found any scratches in your stone, it may be possible to buff out. Try using a softer steel wool to buff out the scratch. Make sure not to buff too hard as this could cause even more visible scratches.

As you can see, taking care of your stone deck is important in the long run. Take the time to properly wash and maintain your deck in order to fully enjoy it throughout every season. Remember these tips when taking care of your stone deck.