Tips For Preparing Your Patio For Winter
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Winter is a beautiful season, but it can also have negative impacts, especially on your home. Getting your patio ready for winter is important for many reasons. Here are some tips for preparing your patio for winter.

Store Any Cloth Furniture

If you have patio furniture that has cloth or cushions, make sure you remove and store them. If the cushions get wet from the snow, they can get moldy or simply destroyed. Take the time to bring them inside and store them in an easily recognizable spot.

It’s also important to clean the patio cushions before you store them. Dirt and other particles collected over the summer months can damage the material over time without a proper cleaning. Take the time to either machine wash or hand wash your cushions to prevent any storage damage.

If you’re not storing your furniture indoors and you want to leave it out on the patio, make sure you cover everything. A well-fitted cover can prevent weather damage; so make sure it is water resistant. Check to make sure the covers are doing their job occasionally.

Bring Plants Indoors

Plants also need to be well taken care of before the winter months. If you have a plant on your patio, bring it inside. Clean up all the leaves and twigs to prevent you from facing a bigger mess once the snow melts.

Some plants you might not be able to bring inside. If the plants are durable and can stand cold temperatures, you can cover them with tarps. Make sure to clear off the tarp after a heavy snow to keep it from smothering your plants.

Find Grill Storage

One factor most people forget is to take care of their grill before Winter. Because people often use their grill during winter, they tend to neglect proper care. It’s important to keep your grill safe during winter.

Before winter, make sure you clean the grill thoroughly. Heat up the grill to burn of excess grime. Afterwards, scrap off all the buildup and wash it with soap and water. Find a waterproof cover and wrap the grill tightly to keep it safe from harsh winter weather.

Clean Off Debris

Make sure you clean your patio. Sweep and scrub for dirt in order to keep your deck safe during winter. Also, don’t forget to remove any ceramic or glass to prevent the cold weather from cracking or breaking it. Store pots or vases with your other patio furniture.

If your patio has an umbrella, make sure you remove it before winter. Like the furniture cushions, scrub it down thoroughly to prevent mold or strange smells. Wrap it in plastic and store with your other patio cushions so everything is easy to find once winter is over.

As you can see, preparing for winter can help keep your patio safe and in good shape. Take extra care to clean and cover important elements of your patio in order to preserve their longevity. Preparing your patio for winter doesn’t have to be stressful and it will look beautiful covered in snow.