Reasons to Use Concrete for Your Hardscape
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Sitting Wall In Backyard by Pool Fairfax County Northern Va

Sitting Wall In Backyard by Pool Fairfax County Northern Va

Once a home is purchased, the itch to want more begins once you are comfortable with your surroundings. Many things can be added either above the surface of the ground, like a closed patio, or inside the ground itself, like a nice round swimming pool. Many ideas from an outdoor kitchen, to an intimate fire pit, can create that perfect atmosphere for your living pleasure.

But with building new things, come many different options: colors, size of area, ideas for every season and materials. There are also many options for materials that can be used for adding that personal touch to your outdoor way of life. From brick to concrete, we at Stone Patios VA use quality materials and provide outstanding construction to make that boring backyard look outstanding.

Stamped concrete is one of the most popular choices home owners make when choosing their outdoor material. Installation, maintenance, and durability are several reasons why you should choose a concrete finish.

  1. Easy to install. In a liquid state, concrete can be molded into any way, shape, or form. It can be stretched and designed into a column, counter, or fire pit. Concrete can be used to fill all odd spaces. And its texture can be made to look like brick, stone, tile, and wood. With this ease of installation, concrete is the least expensive of options. There’s no need for extra cutting or measuring, just mix, pour, and smooth on out.
  2. Easy to maintain. Like anything that can be made or purchased, concrete does require maintenance. But like a good date, it requires low maintenance. Washing with soap and water from a hose is all the most frequent of maintenance it will require.
  3. Maintained properly, concrete will not move or rot, unlike stone and wood. You can apply a sealant once a year to keep it looking new. It can be stained into any color and texture. Also, a popular option for home owners lately is the look of painted concrete. From walkways to driveways, home owners are now looking to further customize their homes by painting their driveways. It’s the same with the concrete for your patios. Paint all of it, or just part of it to have either the full experience or the perfect combination.

These three reasons to use concrete are your most basic, but also the most effective. Also consider us when you decide to polish your concrete. You can control the level of polish you would like for your flooring. We will meet and discuss your options with you as well onsite.

When you choose to look into this addition for your home and live anywhere in the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the D.C. areas, look for the experienced staff at Stone Patios VA to fulfill your patio needs. We will come to your site for initial consultation and to offer a cost effective estimate, our best advice on using stamped concrete for your patio, and show you’re your patio finish options.