Patios and Room Additions in Northern VA
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As many homeowners know, your home is one of your biggest investments. Renovations increase the value of your investment and add to aesthetic of your property. One of the renovations with the lowest monetary cost but highest rate of return on your investment are remodeling your stone patio or room additions to the current structure of your home. Both immediately and drastically improve on almost every aspect of your property. You will be the envy of all your neighbors with your new and improved home.

Types of Patios

When considering remodeling your home in Northern Virginia the single most important factor to consider is the type of patio you would like to have. There are several different styles and each will give your home a different feel. A few types one should consider are stone patios, concrete patios, flagstone patios, and paver patios. For example, paver patios are the most common style of flooring option for patios and driveways but flagstone patios have a much more polished look which adds an element of warmth and elegance to your home. Concrete patios are the most cost effective style of patio but brick patios are crack resistant and much more durable then concrete. All of these are factors that must be taken into consideration when deciding to remodel your patio.

Benefits of Room Addition

Another option when considering remodeling your home is the addition of a room onto the existing structure. Besides the obvious reason like added space or more storage the addition of a room can literally transform your home. Some clients add an extra bedroom or bathroom which makes your home much more desirable if you decide to put it on the market while other decide to knock down walls of existing rooms to combine the space with the new structure being built. Anything is possible with more surface area to your home.

Stone Patios VA

Any type of renovation on your home is a huge step and the responsibility should not be left to just any company. Stone Patios VA is the premiere construction company in VA. They have been serving the Virginia, D.C. Metropolitan and Maryland areas for over 25 years. Stone Patios VA only uses the best of materials and the best of workers which result in the highest quality of projects. Their work and dedication to excellence have left many and continues to leave customers undoubtedly satisfied.

Any job, big or small, the professionals at Stone Wall VA are equipped to help bring your dream house to life. Patio work and the addition of a room onto your house are extensive projects that require research and dedication on the side of the customer and the right planning and even better execution on the side of the contractor. Stone Patios VA is the no-brainer choice if you are looking to remodel your home in the Northern VA area. Over the 25 years of serving the Virginia, D.C. Metropolitan and Maryland areas, Stone Patio VA has built the reputation of nothing but excellence.