Most Popular Patio Stone Types in Northern VA?
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Are you reading to add an impressive feature to your home? Why not upgrade your home’s patio with beautiful patio stones? You could pour another concrete slab less expensively, but this does little to add aesthetics to your home and may not even be the best choice in terms of the value it can offer. Patio stone comes in a variety of product types. What you choose is based on many factors including your budget, your long term goals, and the look you wish to create. There are a few options to consider from the range of popular items in patio stones in Northern VA. Be sure to talk to your home contractor to discuss all of the options available to you before you get started.

Choose Stone Over Anything Else

Since you are already considering a stone patio, then you should know that this is one of the best products overall. Other options are available including using wood and concrete. However, stone offers far more benefits including a long life span, a better overall look, and even a natural design. Even better, it can be priced affordably. In short, when you want an elegant look to your home, choose patio stone over other products. Now, you get to choose the type of stone you desire.

Flagstone Offers Key Benefits

Flagstone is perhaps the most popular type of stone to use for patios in Northern VA and in the region. Flagstone is durable and not as intrusive in terms of the coloring and design as some other products. You’ll find it is highly durable and can withstand all of the walking you can give it. It is also one of the more customizable products since you can use unique shapes to create just about any layout or choose those in paver form for a more uniform look. Flagstone tends to have veins or soft lines running through it. This helps to create a very beautiful display. There are various color options available as well.

What Other Options Should You Consider?

You do have many more options to think about when choosing stone for your patio. Keep the following options in mind:

  • River rock, which offers a less refined and less smooth feel, but offers a lot of character
  • Paver stones, which are ideal for a uniform look because the stones are squared off
  • Cobblestone, for a more traditional and less defined look, but one with more rustic charm, choose this option
  • Naturally jagged shaped stones, perhaps the most natural looking, but higher costing option, but with ore character

Which one is right for you? Take into consideration the other materials and colors present throughout your space. You’ll also want to consider concrete in the area (and how well it will match) as well as your budget. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your patio stone installation so you can actually see and feel the various stone options in person.