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Is A Certain Time of Year Better for Patio Installations?
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When planning a new patio installation in VA, there are many things one must contemplate. From different materials to the designs that are chosen the state of your patio can be affected by the seasons. The homeowner has to make this choice by doing research and consulting with a professional. Most patio installation companies will be more than eager to help with the planning of the patio.


Consider the Design


When considering the design of your patio you must also look at the climate of your area. If it is blistering, hot during the summer then you may want to consider starting your project before spring. Starting just before spring will give you enough time to complete your project and be able to enjoy your patio during the hot summer months.

The time of the year one chooses to start installation of a patio has many different factors such as ones region and the materials that will be used. Extreme temperatures can affect mortar mix or concrete not allowing it to cure properly which could possibly turn a dream patio into a nightmare.


If your plan includes some of the various extras that go with a hardscape such as a fire pit, gazebos, or birdbaths you may consider doing the heavier work in the cooler months. If installing a fire pit, autumn would seem to be the perfect time considering that you would not want to install a fire pit in the summer but would rather enjoy it in the winter months.


Other Things to Consider


Patios that have to be installed with mortar such as stone patios, brick patios, and concrete patios need to be installed when the temperature is above 40 degrees to ensure that the concrete or mortar cures correctly. You would not want the patio to crack or freeze due to extreme temperatures, so taking these rules to heart is the best place to start.


Do Your Research


When planning a patio installation in VA, you need to do your research before hiring a reputable company. Talk to people that you know, such as family and friend, getting two to three different references to call. Call these references and ask for pricing information.


Set Your Budget


Next, you will want to set up a budget that you can live with. Sit down with your spouse and determine exactly how much you can afford to spend on a new patio. Remember, to add in the cost of installation along with the materials that you choose. Different materials will run you different prices, so be sure to factor these in as well.


These are just a few things to consider when you are thinking of having a new patio installed on your property. The time of year and the material is truly up to you; however, following these tips will ensure that your patio remains whole and pretty for many years to come. Do your research, set a budget, and have your dream patio installed in no time at all.