How to Protect and Clean Your Patio
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Protecting and cleaning your patio go hand in hand. When you protect your patio furniture, you are ultimately keeping it clean and new. When you clean your patio furniture, you are protecting it from rusting, or rotting. It may appear to be a hefty responsibility, but taking care of your patio will result in a luxurious spot for you to show off or relax in. There are simple, yet vital things to do to ensure the best results.


Every Patio is Different

All patios are designed differently. Shapes, sizes, and especially materials, are different factors to consider when taking care of your patio.

  • Stone- polymeric sand prevents the proliferating of weeds, and gets rid of bugs and pests
  • Wood- avoid power washers because it can stain certain types of wood, but instead, consider a wet mop for stains, and occasionally sweep
  • Brick- moss and mildew stains can be treated with power washing, as well as special professional brick cleaning products
  • Concrete- products like DIY Miracle Concrete Patio Cleaner that contain bleach and can whiten cement.
  • Vinyl- energy efficient, but more flammable and more vulnerable to temperature changes, degreasers daily protect this material from corroding
  • Aluminum or Steel- avoid light color furniture, because they are more likely to rot in the sun, and clean four times a year between seasons.
  • Fiber Glass- used for patio doors and windows, use special solution instead of regular glass cleaner



In Good Weather and in Bad

Mother nature is known for her surprises, so always be mindful of the weather conditions and how it will affect your patio, and its surrounding area.

  • Covering Furniture- this usually is the best choice for any weather inclement, especially rain and heat, but wind can blow it away if it is not a durable cover
  • Furniture Sunscreen- just like skin, furniture can react to UV rays, especially for metal, and plastic.
  • Wet and Forget- a popular aftercare product for any and all patios that remove moss, mold, mildew, and fungus after rain, wind, or excessive heat.
  • Ice Repellent- use this product before cold extremities or a snow storm to avoid freezing
  • Storage- an installed patio cannot be moved, but for bad weather, putting as much furniture as you can away in storage, can saver their lifespan.


Experts Know Best

If the process is too overwhelming, let the professionals do their job. Companies, like hardscape va or fairfax patio installation provide numerous services. Not only does hardscape va offer the best in virgina patio installation with the patio design of your choosing, but they offer their advice on what would look best and work best for your home. Last but not least, companies such as hardscape va recommend cleaning products, or clean it for you. Even if you are fully capable of maintaining perfect outdoor scenery, professionals know this area of work better than anyone, and sometimes a second opinion is valuable.


Protecting and cleaning your patio is a great duty to have as a homeowner. If you include it as part of a routine, the process becomes simpler. Certain circumstances can throw you off balance. For example, bad weather, as well as good, is an uncontrollable element. Sometimes, there is not enough time to prepare. Luckily, there are products that are designed to help you in a hurry. There are professions who will are trained to work under pressure, and are waiting to do their job to your standards wherever and whenever.