How to Choose a Patio Design that Complements Your House
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Installing a patio on your home adds more living space and value to your property. You will also find that it can help you to create a space that fits your personality and blends in well with the home’s structure. You do not want to choose just any material for your patio, though. Rather work with a contractor to design the perfect patio to match your home. You can do this in many ways. Be as creative and as unique as you would like to be. It can be a lot of fun to pull it all together.

Think about materials first

One of the first things to do when choosing a patio design is to look at materials. If your home is brick, it can be ideal to use a brick like material for the patio. You can carry out some of the same colors in the patio as well. If your home is made with siding, you may wish to choose cement patios because of their clean lines that match the siding. Choose natural stones and river rock if your home’s exterior has earth tone colors or a natural material on the outside, such as stucco. To ensure that your patio works well with the actual home, ensure the materials match well.

Look for lines

Whether it is the roof line or the edge of the patio, allow this to match as well. For example, if the roof of your home is straight and very angled, ensure this same angle is found in the patio’s foundation. Allow the lines to match well so that when you step back and look at the entire project, you can see how the lines match up. If your roof is more curved and less straight lined, you can choose softer curves for your patio edging.

Add features to blend those lines

There are some small things you can do to ensure your home and patio work well seamlessly together. Here are some ideas:

  • Install light futures on the home that work well with those in the patio area. Ensure that any type of lighting matches well.
  • Use color to create a complimentary look. Use the same colors on the home’s walls as you do in the patio. You can also use plants to pull in color both on the home as well as in the patio.
  • Use plants along the edges of the home and patio where they meet. This can help to break that line that keeps the two areas from being separate and helps to make it all look cohesive.

Ultimately, you want to work closely with your landscape designer to pull all of the components of your new patio into the look of the home. Materials, colors, lighting, and plants can make it possible to have a space that looks much more like an extension of the home than a separate area. Be as creative as you want in making this space your own.