How to Block Out Space For a New Patio
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Blocking out the space for your new Virginia patio is rather easy. This can be done with just a few materials that are more than likely already found in your garage or shed. Laying a patio should only take 3 days on average. Blocking out the patio area, and digging up the ground takes approximately two thirds of that.

String off sections

The first step in blocking off your patio area is placing wooden pegs and stringing it off. This is easiest done if you are wanting a square or rectangle patio. You only need four pegs, one for each corner. You can however add more, but only four are needed. Set your pegs the height that you would like your finished surface to be. Join each peg with a tight string with little to no slack. You can use a combo square to make sure all your angles are 90 degrees. This is important to make sure you have perfect edges. If you are hiring a VA patio installation company to install your patio they will be able to do all of this for you.

Skim turf and dig soil

The next step in blocking out your space is to remove the turf, You can do this with a turf cutter if you are wanting to reuse it in a different area later or turn it into compost. To turn it into compost you just leave it root side up for a year. Next you need to dig up the soil. You should dig up at least 6 inches in addition to the depth for your stone patio. After you have removed all your turf and soil you need to tamp the area. This can be done with a hand tamper or a plate compactor. Once you have everything tamped down it is now time to move to the last step in blocking out your space.

Setting pegs and base rock

Next you will need to set pegs throughout the area for your new patio and you need them at the height your patio will be. Make sure allow a small slope so the water can run off. If you have any issues with this step contact a Virginia patio installation company. After you have the pegs set, it is time to fill the area with four inches of graded base rock and tamp it down as well. Top the base rock with two inches of sand, pack down and smooth off.

After you have successfully finished all the previous mentioned steps, you are ready to finish off your patio. How you finish your patio will be based on what type stone you are going to by using. However, this is best done by a professional. Even though you think you can handle this final step, it takes precise actions. Even gaping, level area, and wood spacers to ensure everything is perfect. Contact your local stone patio installer to get the best possible patio for all your future entertaining.