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Do We Have to Clean Patio Stones?
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If you have a stone patio you may find yourself wondering if it need to be cleaned. The answer is yes. To keep your Virginia patio installation looking great it will require some upkeep. It is rather simple to keep your patio clean for gatherings throughout the Summer. However, after Winter, come spring you will need to give your patio a good spring cleaning just like you would anything else.


Spring cleaning


Once all the snow and ice has cleared, you may find your stone patio looking dingy. Don’t worry, it isn’t stained. During your patio installation in VA they may have told you how to care for your patio. However, in case you forgot, the first cleaning of the year takes a little more effort than your basic upkeep. You first will need to clean your stone of all debris. This includes dirt, leaves, and anything else that seems to be stuck on. Once you have the entire patio cleared of you will need to mix 1/2 cup of bleach to every gallon of water used. Scrub down the entire surface with this mixture. The bleach will kill any moss or mold that has formed over the Winter. It will also prevent any from returning. The bleach water mixture is also great for removing any staining or residue from the debris that you removed. As always when working with bleach use protective gear such as rubber gloves and safety glasses.


Spot Cleaning


Thoughout the Summer and Fall chances are you will be using your patio for lots of gatherings. Therefore, it will have lots of foot traffic, play time, and bar-B-que’s. During this time you will have the occasional spills or accidents. These are rather easy to clean up if caught early. Simply take your  liquid detergent such as Dawn dish soap and a soft bristle brush that won’t damage your stone and scrub your stone until you get the stain removed. If you are having trouble removing the stain you can try a harder chemical such as ammonia mixed with water. Always rinse your stone patio with a water hose before using a new chemical to prevent them mixing, which could be hazardous.


Proper upkeep


To keep your patio looking good all it takes is a little effort. Sweep off any debris as soon as it gets on there, especially fallen leaves during the fall. You should also keep all grass from growing over the edge of your stone patio as this can cause damage. You can sweep the patio first horizontally removing dirt, grim and debris. Then sweep again vertically to remove any dirt that has fallen between the stone. Do this after and before any gathering you have and your patio will always be ready to entrain


It is not hard to keep your stone patio clean but it is important. Therefore. do your best to keep it in great condition. In addition to properly cleaning your patio, you should also pick up any furniture when moving it to prevent damage to the stone.