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Best Materials to Build a Patio
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There are many factors that must be contemplated when one decides to start new construction of a patio. When choosing materials, there are many different categories that a customer can choose from including, stone, brick, pavers, or concrete. Each material has its own distinct appearance and can be combined to create a patio to fit your budget and personality. Ones existing surroundings, weather, and intended patio use also are factors to figure into your material choices.




Bricks can be a great patio surface choice for many different reasons. Bricks come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors and can give your patio a nice traditional look. There are many different brick patio patterns to choose from including, the running bond, the herringbone, and the basket weave, all that will give your patio a beautiful design. A brick patio can also be very affordable and is one of the most durable and low maintenance materials to build your dream patio with. The design possibilities are endless with bricks when in the hands of an experienced mason like those of Virginia patio installation.




Stone patios can offer a more natural look when laid with flagstone, which has been used since the early 1900s to surface patios. Flagstone seems to be popular with plant lovers due to the fact that the narrow joint allows plant life to grow such as mint, baby tears, and dichondra which softens the look of the patio. Flagstone comes in many different shapes, colors, and sizes and is naturally slip resistant giving the customer beauty, style, and safety. When considering a flagstone patio your budget will come into play because of the considerable difference in the prices between brick and flagstone. Brick being the cheaper of the two due to labor and material costs doesn’t necessarily make it the right choice for you.




Pavers are one of the most popular choices for many different reasons including easy installation and design creativity. Pavers can be made of concrete, brick, or stone, are also very durable, and can be used to match most home surroundings. Paver patterns seem limitless with a wide variety of shapes and colors to choose from. Common paver shapes include round, hexagonal, and square which can be combined to make some eye-popping patterns. When installing pavers unless experienced, it would more than likely benefit the customer to call professionals like Virginia patio installation who can get the job done in a timely fashion.


In all whether you choose pavers, bricks, or stone, building your patio should be an enjoyable experience that you and your entire family can enjoy. With all the different patio styles and patterns, selecting the right patio material and the right contractor will be easier than it seems. When you choose the materials that suit your preferences, and your surroundings, you will enjoy your new patio for many years to come summer, spring, winter, or fall with family and friends in tow.